Old Trinity is an active congregation in the Episcopal Diocese of Easton in communion with the Archbishop of Canterbury. We worship in a style compatible with the restoration  of the building and invite you to participate to whatever degree you are comfortable.   Morning Prayer is said on the third and fifth Sunday of the month, Holy Communion on other Sundays.  Services are at 11:00.


  The place now known as “Old Trinity” was built after 1675 by English settlers.  In 1692, when Maryland was divided into thirty parishes it became “the parish church of Dorchester Parish.” Worship followed the use of the Church of England.  After the American Revolution, Maryland quickly recognized those continuing congregations of the old church as “The Protestant Episcopal Church in the United States of America.”

Services at Old Trinity today follow the  Book of Common Prayer  in a way consistent with the restoration of the building.  

The Episcopal Church in the United States is now one of 38 self-governing bodies “in communion” with the Archbishop of Canterbury, respected as a “first among equals.”  To the right is the compass rose symbol of the world-wide communion. Near the center, in Greek, are the words of Jesus from John’s Gospel: “The Truth shall make you free.”