The cemetery at Old Trinity is a historic site, dating back to the mid-1600s but remains an active community cemetery, open to persons of all faiths. One unique feature of the cemetery is that at the time the church was restored in the 1950's, guidelines were put place to maintain the cemetery in a manner consistent with the colonial period. There are restrictions concerning grave markers and grave decorations are almost exclusively limited to natural wreaths and fresh flowers. You can download a copy of the cemetery guidelines below. If you are interested in purchasing a gravesite, please contact the cemetery manager.

A web site is available to perform searches on the cemetery database. You can search for information about families, dates, and sites. If you would like to view cemetery site information, please click on the following link: Old Trinity Cemetery Information

The old graveyard around the curch contains the graves of the veterans of the American Revolution, the War of 1812, and the American Civil War. This part of the cemetery also includes the grave of Maryland's Governor Carroll and his daughter Anna Ella Carroll who was an advisor to Abraham Lincoln. The date of the oldest burial is not known because the wooden markers common in the 17th century have disappeared.

The expansion area of the cemetery, Sections A - J above, is entered through a traditional lychgate or "body gate."

The newest section of the cemetery, Sections K - O above, also contains a columbarium.

Old Trinity Cemetery Regualtions