Old Trinity, Church Creek, is located near Cambridge, in Dorchester County, Maryland USA.  
This web address is www.oldtrinity.net.
There are also “Old Trinity” Cemeteries in Worcester County and Baltimore County in Maryland and various
other places around the world.

The name “Old Trinity” is also used on the web by the following:
Trinity Lutheran Church  ELCA, 404 S Third Street
Columbus Ohio 43215   www.oldtrinity.com
Historic Trinity Lutheran Church of Reading, PA  www.oldtrinity.org
Old Trinity Church, also known as Trinity Church, Oxford, an historic Episcopal church founded in Oxford
Township, Pennsylvania, now located on Oxford Avenue at Longshore Avenue, in Philadelphia

Old Trinity Church of 157, Church Creek, Maryland, 21622, is located in the Episcopal Diocese of Easton.
“Holy Trinity,” of the same diocese is in Oxford, MD, while “Trinity Cathedral” is located in Easton, MD.  
OTHER "Old Trinity" sites include:

Old Trinity of Paseo  Event Center Oklahoma City, OK at www.oldtrinityofpaseo.com
Old Trinity Amateur Football Club (Australia)  www.oldtrinityfc.com